The First Everestman

Everestman’s first challenger is none other than Mayank Vaid of Clearwater Bay Hong Kong. This challenge wasn’t just an afterthought for Mayank. Check out his top 10 adventure race accolades, most notably 1 & 10!

  • Enduroman Arch 2 Arch 2018
  • Ultraman World Championships 2018
  • Northface100 2018
  • China Coast Half Marathon 2019 (1:35:25)
  • Clearwater Bay Chase 2019 (44:10)
  • Cold half 2019 solo (5:02:28)
  • The Green Race 75k + 44k 2019 (21:57:06)
  • Hardcore 100 Miles Philippines 2019 (36:42:53)
  • Niseko Classic UCI Gran Fondo 140km 2019 (4:57:36)
  • Enduroman Arch 2 Arc 2019 (50:24) New Men’s World Record

Deep down, each of us has the ability to become an Everestman or Everestwoman. How deep down will you dig in order to achieve the extraordinary? The first step to any challenge is signing yourself up. It’s free to join the ranks, so there’s no stopping now. Just choose your challenge!

Solo – Everestman Triathlon
Swim 8848m > Bike 8848m D+ > Run 8848m D+

Team of 2 – Everestman Triathlon
Swim 8848m (Team Captain) > Bike 8848m D+ (Team Member) > Run 8848m D+ (Team Captain)

Team of 3 – Everestman Triathlon
Swim 8848m (Team Captain) > Bike 8848m D+ (Team Member #2)  > Run 8848m D+ (Team Member #3)

Believe we have what it takes, and we will get there. #Onlywayup! Sign up here.


1. All three challenges must be completed in the triathlon sequence: Swim > Bike > Run.

2. Total Elapsed Time will be used to rank your Everestman achievement and this must be reported using your personal Strava Account.
– The clock starts when you start your swim and ends when you finish your run.
– You must record your overall start date/time and finish date/time for the entire challenge.
– You must also collect your elapsed time for each stage and transition:

   1) swim time 2) transition time 3) bike time 4) transition time 5) run time

3. Each stage must be completed as a single activity. During each stage, you may stop for meals/hydration breaks but your timer does not stop.

4. The swim stage may be completed in a pool or open water. The bike and run stages must be completed outdoors.

5. Sleep is not permitted during each stage. A maximum of 2 hours of sleep is permitted between stages.
– For example: 8848M Swim > 2hr Sleep > 8848M D+ Bike > 2hr Sleep > 8848M D+ Run.

6. External safety support is permitted during all stages. You may have a support boat, kayaker, cyclist, runner alongside you, so long as each stage is completed under your own physical effort.

7. Additionally, bike and run stages must be validated and approved by Review the Everesting ride and run rules here:

Ride Rules –

Run Rules –

8. If you’re ready to accept one of your tallest challenges to date, sign up here.



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